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A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to "remember" your visit and actions or preferences over time. Some cookies are so called 'session cookies' which will be deleted automatically after leaving the website.

Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like.

We do not use cookies for tracking purposes. But third parties like google adsense or hotel booking sites may use cookies thru our website.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser settings. Since every browser is a little different, please watch your browser's 'help menu' to learn the correct way to modify your cookies setting.

If you turn cookies off, some features of the visited website will be disabled and the webpages may not function properly.

Please read the data protection declaration, when you continue to use these pages.

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