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Ko Samui beaches

Ko Samui has one of the best beaches in Thailand and different kind of beaches, where every holiday seeker can find his favorite one. Here is the list of Samui beaches:

Warning: from June to October of the last years sea wasps (box jellyfishes) appear in the sea of Samui beaches and lead to lethal accidents

Thongson beach

is a small and secluded beach at the northern end of Samui. There is a very nice and simple beach restaurant and a luxury stunning beach resort (Melati). The beach is beautiful, good for swimming and never crowded.

Choeng Mon beach

Ko Samuiis a small and shallow bay in the north east not far from the airport. The sandy beach covers the half of the bay and it is filled up with resorts. It may get crowded here during high season. Due to the shallow water there is no water sports in this bay.
At the northern end of the bay, Tongsai Bay Hotel has its own little private beach.

Chaweng beach =>

Ko Samuiis the most popular and first beach on Samui. Any kind of resort or guesthouse can be found at the beach or in the village of Ban Chaweng. Hundreds of shops, restaurants, banks and other businesses line up along the beach side road. It is very busy and noisy there, but if you like to have entertainment at night and shopping facilities nearby, this might be the right beach for you.

The best part of Chaweng beach is the southernmost part and Chaweng Noi beach which is cutoff from the main beach by a small river. The northern end of Chaweng beach has many luxury resorts and hotels, but the water is so shallow here, that it nearly disappears during low tide.

Crystal Bay beach

Ko SamuiCrystal bay is a beautiful small bay between Chaweng and Lamai beside he main road. It has white sand and good swimming and snorkeling options. There is a nice restaurant top of the bay and some simple bungalows beach front.

Lamai beach =>

Ko SamuiMany people like Lamai beach the best, because it is really a dream beach with cocnut palmrees, white and clean sand, good swimming also at low tide and Ban Lamai only some meters from the beach with restaurants, shops and nighttime entertainment.
Many very nice bungalow resorts and hotels line up the beach front of this 3 km long beach.

The best part is the middle part near the village center. But the southern part is also nice for those seeking a more cast away location and silence.
The northern part of Lamai beach is stretching parallel to the main road and the beach quality is not as good as in the southern area.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Big Buddha beach

is a very narrow beach along the main road between Bophut and Big Buddha temple. This is the way to the airport and to the main express boat pier. So the street is very busy. The beach quality cannot be compared with other beaches. Restaurants and simple medium quality resorts are located here. Nearby Big Buddha beach many condominium houses, guest houses and villas have been built in the last years.

Bophut beach =>

Ko Samuiis stretching along the north coast bay of Ban Bophut and parallel to the main road, but shielded by two hundred meters of trees and coconut palms under which the best bungalow resorts of the Bophut area are located.

The beach is beautiful, clean and has soft and deep coarse golden sand. The sea is perfect for swimming and bathing. It is a silent beach, ideal for relaxing and not far from Bophut village with some restaurants and shops.

Maenam beach =>

Ko SamuiThe longest and wildest beach on Samui is good for swimming and kitesurfing and of course for relaxing under palm trees and in very nice bungalow resorts. The five kilometer long beach offers plenty of space, but the deep soft sand makes it difficult to walk or run. The sea is getting deep very soon from the beach, so small kids should not be without guarding.

Ko SamuiThe eastern part of Maenam beach has lost a lot of sand due to sea currents and waves. The best part is the western and the middle area. There are lots of different resorts, hotels and guesthouses along the beach front and nearby the beach. The area of Ban Maenam between the main road and the beach is covered with palm tres, guest houses, rooms for rent and small shops. Ban Maenam´s center is on the main road and not very attractive for tourists. One need a motorbike or good walking conditions to get from the resort to the main road or to other places like Bophut or Chaweng. Taxi service is available.

At the western end of the beach Lomprayah catamaran pier to Phangan and Tao is located.

Ban Tai beach

Ko Samuiis a narrow beach strip along the northwestern coast. It is a place for stillness and peace where some simple resorts and good rental houses are located. You should have a car or motorbike to move from here.

Bang Po beach

Equals Ban Tai beach and stretches to the northwestern tip of Samui. As a luxury highlight, Samui Four Seasons Resort is located here, hiding away from the hustle and bustle of the island.

Bang Makham beach

Ko Samuiis a beach north of Nathon Village with hundreds of Coconut palm trees stretching along the main road to the north western tip of Samui. Some good resorts are located there, offering nice bungalows and wonderful sunsets. The downside is the very shallow sea which disappears during low tide and does not allow swimming at all.

Lipa beach

Ko Samuiis a beautiful long beach south of Nathon village on the western side of Samui. It stretches till Laem Chon Khlam (Samui naval base) and has nice bungalow resorts under coconut palm trees. There are beautiful sunsets and the sea is good for swimming at high tide. It is a silent beach away from the main street and not much entertainment. It is located near to Lipa car ferry pier.

Taling Ngam beach =>

Ko Samuiis another long beach south of Laem Chon Khlam on the south western coast of Samui. It´s a secluded area away from all of Samui´s attractions. The few good resorts offer a peaceful and silent Samui atmopshere made by coconuts, buffalos and no entertainment. They are located at the southern end of the beach. The middle part is empty and you may be lucky to be all alone there.

Phang Ka beach

is a small bay beach in the south western corner of Samui. This is Samui´s hideaway place with nothing to do but relaxing and enjoying the beach that is never crowded.

Thong Krut beach

Ko SamuiLocated in the southwest of Ko Samui, this beach is natural and mostly empty. It is a narrow beach good for swimming at high tide and some nice views on Koh Tan and the Thai mainland. You need a car or motorbike to get around or find some shops or restaurants nearby. Only a handful resorts are locaed at Thong Krut bay.

Natien (Na Thian) / Hua Thanon beach

The narrow and shadeless beach in the south east of Samui hosts some good bungalow resorts and the Tiger zoo. The beach itsself is less attractive then the northern beaches on the east coast. But far more silent and empty.

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