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About Ko Samui

Ko Samui, ThailandWhen Ko Samui was first visited by foreign travellers in the early 1970th, the island looked and appears like a dream island with untouched white long beaches, hundred of thousands of coconut palm trees and only some fishermen and farmers living there. Sleeping on the beach and having food with the Thai people on the island had been the only options.

But the travellers were so enthusiastic and impressed about Samui, that very soon more and more backpackers came and as a consequence, simple huts were built and first small restaurants opened. But getting to Samui by simple longtail boats had still been an adventure that needed a long time to arrive.

Samui from planeNevertheless the touristic future of Samui island was determined and then supported by the Thai and provincial government. During the 1980th, Samui had become a secret traveling spot and a dream destination for many europeans and americans. More and more Resorts and hotels were built, the main road around the island was finshed in 1984 and in 1989 finally the Samui airport was opened for direct flights from Bangkok.

In the 1990th Samui developed to a well organized and cheap holiday island, that was easy to get to and wonderful to stay on. The long beaches had simple but good quality beach bungalows and the small villages of Chaweng and Lamai startet to become more and more attractive for shopping and night life activities. A law had been established, that restricted the building of new hotels to the hight of a palm tree, so that the beautiful landscape of the beaches could have been preserved for many years.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Ko Samui

With the beginning of the new century and especially after the Tsunami of 2004 in the andaman sea, Koh Samui became the target of more and more tourists from around the world and especially fom eastern asia. The capacites of the small beach resorts got too small and new, bigger and more luxury hotels had to be built. The “palm tree law” was skiped. And soon new construction could be seen all over the island, including the tops of untouched hills. Chaweng beach and village became a crowded place with prolems of water supply and waste disposal. Prices were climbing each year and today Ko Samui is a quite expensive destination in Thailand.

But tourist arrival numbers increase every year to more than 1,5 million. Ko Samui offers every tourist attraction possible and the question rises up, how much can the nature of this island tolerate and bear. Besides old established attractions of the Thai people like buffalo fights and elephant treckings there are quad bike mountain tours and beach clubs with enoying music all day.

Ko Samui Coconut Palms

Ko Samui Big Buddha  copyright by vitautas (vitautas) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Nevertheless Ko Samui remains an attractive and beautiful holiday island with stunning beaches and interesting things to do and see. And of course spending a spoiling vacation time in wellness resorts or beach bungalows, having great Thai and sea food on the beach and enjoying night time activities or dreaming on an tropical dream island.

Ko Samui has an area of 233 square kilometers that makes the island the second biggest in Thailand. The highest top is Khao Thai Kwai with 635m. It is easy to explore the island by rental cars or motorbikes, see some buddhistic temples, a butterfly farm, a tiger zoo or a snake farm, coconut farms and waterfalls. And of course the must see attraction of hin tha and hin pho (grand ma and grand pa rocks) south of Lamai beach.

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