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There are many small bungalow resorts along the beaches and in the middle of the island. They are all family owned with a very friendly but simple atmosphere. The prices are still quite low. If you decide to live along the small road that leads thru the island, you will be part of the daily life on Ko Phayam. While being on the beach will mean relaxing and hiding away from life a bit. An interesting location to sleep is Lamai Resort in the center of the island on a hill top with wonderful views and a panoramic restaurant. The best beach resorts is probably the Blue Sky Resort on the east side, but the beach is not the best. On Buffalo Bay we recommend The Buffalo Bay Vacation Club and the Rabbit Resort. On Long Beach Cede Boutique Resort is a good choice, if you like higher quality bungalows. Please check out your resort on our map and book online here with agoda*:

Koh Phayam resorts Koh Phayam resorts Koh Phayam resorts

Bungalows and resorts on Ko Phayam

Long beach (Ao Yai)

Buffalo bay (Ao Khwai)

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