Koh Phayam

Getting to Ko Phayam

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map of Thailand Nokair offers two flights daily (early morning and afternoon) from Bangkok Don Mueang to Ranong. Minibus shuttles drive from the airport to the town or pier for 200 Baht p.p. If taking the flight in the afternoon, an overnight stay is necessary in Ranong.

Overland buses are reaching Ranong from Bangkok (8-9 hours) or Phuket/Khao Lak (4/2 hours).

Expressboats and speedboats are leaving the Phayam pier in Ranong every day. Express boats (200 Baht p.p.) start at 9.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and need about 3 hours to the pier on Ko Phayam. Speedboats (350 Baht p.p.) start as demanded and full and need 40 min.

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Ranong Ranong Ranong

Ranong Ranong Ranong

Weather and climate

The climate on Ko Phayam is tropical with a long rainy period from May till end of November and lots of rain and storm coming from he indian ocean. From December till april the weather is fine and calm with sunshine and blue seas. The daytime temperature ranges between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius and the water temperature is around 28 degrees. High season is from December till March.

climate Ko Phayam

some words in Thai

Note: there is no ATM money machines on the island !


  • time zone: GMT plus 7 Stdn
  • mobile phone: possible
  • electricity: 220 volt with US and Euro plug
  • wifi: almost everywhere available
  • vaccination: not mandatory
  • ATM and banks: no banks; no ATM machine
  • medical care: no hospital, no pharmacies

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