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Ko Mak is a small palm tree and rubber tree island in eastern Thailand south of Ko Chang. It is a silent island for people who want to enjoy nature and peaceful living. There is not much to do on Ko Mak, but spending days at the beaches or doing some activites like bicycling or kayaking or eben diving and snorkeling around the smaller islands neighbouring Ko Mak.

Some years ago, there had been only some small bungalow resorts at the long sandy beaches of Suan Yai bay and Sai Khao beach, but today the choice of resorts is quite big and everybody can find the place, he or she likes. It is easy to fall in love with Ko Mak, because of its beauty and the friendly people who are living there.

When you decide to book a room on White Sand beach on the western coast, you may have dinner or just a drink in one of the small restaurants, cafes and bars along the beach road. It is only a 500m long strip where people meet and have some fun in the evenings. Otherwise nightlife is limited to the resorts.

If you spend your holidays in eastern Thailand, Ko Mak is a good add-on and a bit alternative to the more and more touristic Ko Chang. And if you have time, you should also consider to spend some days on Ko Kood, an island, that is different to both, Ko Mak and Ko Chang.

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